PullTester 30T

The PullTester 30T is a motor-driven benchtop device designed to ensure the critical pull-force values of crimped, welded, plugged and other connections for quality control and assurance.

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A coax stripping machine for large cables, designed for precise stripping of coaxial cables from approx. 1.0 - approx. 24.5 mm (with head type 1) outside Ø and stripping lengths up to approx. 100.0 mm.

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The high-precision Beri.Co.Ma is a fully programmable, semi-automatic stripping machine for single and multi-stage stripping of coaxial or triaxial cables.

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The universal pneumatic marking device Pmg.Multi.Colour has been developed for the double-sided printing of cables, strands and hoses with colored text blocks, ring markings or line markings.

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The MSK109-(XX)J equipment (where XX represents the number of terminal ways) is used to process multipolar wires with TE Micro-MaTch with 4 to 24 way connectors.

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The FAKRA Outer is the third phase of the Mecal process for crimping FAKRA wires. The machine is comprised of a P107C, an electrical-pneumatic control panel with PLC and a special mini applicator.

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To effectively handle all coaxial cables - and specifically any FAKRA connector, Mecal has perfected a three-stage process - based on our COAXIAL MRSP applicator - which takes place on three different machines, with the aim of making the system flexible and interchangeable with reference to the different wire sections and terminal types.

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MK miniapplicator has been designed to crimp loose piece terminals for different wire sections (to be evaluated with terminal specifications or samples).

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MGR ELECTRO created the soldering Miniwave soldering system to work both on automatic machines … and on sites where it is necessary to have a moving tin wave for manual soldering during soldering process.

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SOLDERWAVE substitutes very expensive soldering handiworks ‘Point by point’ with a sole and immediate soldering operation selective on the component.

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