Ring winder KW 500

The ring winder KW 500 is a semi-automatic cable winder to process cables into containers. The new generation of the KW 500 is equipped with a completely new drive technology, which gives us a higher winding capacity. The system only works in conjunction with our SSC 4000, TS90 and TS200 cutting and stripping machines.

The machine operator has only the task to remove the container after each cycle of the machine. It is not possible to bind containers with this machine.

The system has an automatic START by a photocell and therefore does not require a manual restart of the operator. By a sensor, a semi-automatic start is provided as standard.

The winding material is wound on lowerable and adjustable axes, with the help of the desired inner diameter of the container can be set.

The winding speed can be adjusted on the control panel. A brush system tightens the containers during the winding process. The machine is supplied with legally standardized protection device.

Ringwickler kw 500

Technical data

Round cable, flat cable
max. 14 mm
PVC, Kinar, Teflon, silicone, neoprene
1.200 mm
depending on diameter, inner core, cable diameter & cable condition
120 – 300 mm
100 mm
ca. 25 kg (depending on cable)
230 Volt monophase +/- 5 % – 50/60 Hz
via brushless motor (1 kW)
6 bar
L:1.000 W:1.200 H:1.800