The BERI.CO.CUT is a high-precision cutting device for shields and braids, as they are preferably found in coaxial cables. In particular, the shielding of high-voltage cables for the new generation of hybrid and electric vehicles by means of the BERI.Co.CuT reliable, cutting in seconds and clean.

The working principle of the device prevented by design any violation of underlying layers of the braid (such as dielectric, other shields, inner conductors, etc.) and the use of adapted to the respective cable tools allows the separation process within seconds.

The Berı.Co.Cut is designed to process cables with a diameter of approx. 4.0 to 23.0 mm (cable-dependent).



  • safe cutting of shields and braids, in particular of coaxial cables
  • the feeding of the wire, the pushing back of the braid and the separation process itself are visible and verifiable by the operator
  • the dimensioning of the device is sufficient for all known applications
  • Damage to the insulation layer below the mesh is not possible due to the design
  • also braids over non-round lines, such. Litz wires or similar be safely separated
  • the cut edges are exact and clean
  • robust, industrial design of the device


  • Cable diameter of approx. 4-23 mm machinable Processing speed comparable to machine processing Pushing back of the braiding is done manually
  • the workspace is freely accessible; This makes it possible to easily identify and eliminate any faults, etc.
  • zur Unterstützung des Arbeitsprozesses kann per Hand in den Arbeitsbereich eingegriffen werden
  • to support the work process can be intervened by hand in the work area
  • for partial triggering stop against outer jacket possible (optional)
  • independent of compressed air, electricity and other media
  • The low weight (about 18.0 kg) allows flexible use at different workplaces maintenance-free operation (by using, for example, maintenance-free ball bearings) long service life
  • Functions expandable at any time due to modular design


  • Low acquisition costs
  • purely mechanical solution (no use of motors etc.) few variants of the tools used no time-consuming maintenance costs no energy costs
  • Locking sleeve and cut done by a tool no separate cutting blades required


  • no restriction of safety aspects compared to closed systems
  • No motor-driven functional elements, thus eliminating a whole series of risks
  • Each individual step is performed manually and thereby controlled by the operator
  • the work area is completely visible
  • keine Geräuschbelastung durch z.B. Motoren
  • low susceptibility to interference


  • the unit can be swiveled to the side so that an optimal working position can be set
  • the hand lever can be mounted as needed for right or left handed users
  • the working angle of the hand lever is adjustable