MSES Two–Post Die

Two-post crimping die for big loose terminals with thickness > 1.5mm and wire section up to 75mm2. Continuous crimping height adjustingsystem. The terminal is loaded by means of a manually operated slide, fitted with a sensor that allows the press to cycle only when the slidehas reached its stroke’s end.

All the wearing parts can be replaced without removing the applicator from the press.Can be fitted to any crimping press having a crimping height (measured from the die mounting plate to the press coupling when at BottomDead Center) of 212mm (see Mecal Press P104) or 190mm (see Mecal Press P150 and P200).

It is supplied with a complete technical docu-mentation containing all the information needed to safely use and correctly maintain the equipment. Upon request, a capability study (inclu-ding a picture of a sectioned crimped terminal) can be performed. Cycle counter non available.

Technical data

› Crimp height190/272 mm (7.48/8.346’’)
› Stroke50/40 mm (1.968/1.575’’)
› Terminal thickness> 1.5 mm (0.059’’)
› Dimensions (W x H x D)170 x 210 x 200mm
› Weight13.6 Kg (29.9 lb)