Stripper Crimper WSC 30

The WSC30stripper crimperby WIRMECperformsoperations of stripping seals insertion and crimping of terminals on electric cables. It’s been developed on the WSC20 with added the seal unit with patented motorized system.

  • The patent system of electronic movement of strip head, allows to crimp very small terminals and cross sections of wire
  • The seal unit integrated on electronics stripper crimper WSC20 is a innovative patented system for insert the grommet on wire. Is unit controlled by electronics system very reliable but in the same time very simple.
  • The patent system of safety guard of gripper, allows to crimp single and multicore cable with very short length up to 20mm; the vertical movement of gripper is electronic and programmable
  • The unit is composed by small kit and large and the both device are changeable for to process different processing in little time.
  • The machine is provided with currier strip guide for the applicators without cut currier strip
  • The stripper module is adjustable in height position
  • The stripper module is provided of the integrated pneumatic extractor for the applicator without it
  • Fast replacement of strip blade
  • Workarea lighted
Stripper Crimper WSC 30_groß

Technical specifications

Crimping unit

> Crimping force20kN
> Cross-sectionMax. 6 mm² (AWG10)
> Manual regulation PMI134-136 mm
> Power supply1x230V / 50-60Hz
> Dimensions (W x H x D)450 x 750 x 500 mm
> Weight75 kg

Stripping module

> Cross-section0.08 -4 mm² (AWG28 -AWG11)
> Stripping length0-11 mm
> Zero cutLength: max. 8 mm, section max. 2.5 mm²
> Cable lengthMin. 20 mm
> Cycle time<1s
> Air supply5-6 bar