The Beri.Co.Max V2 is a coaxial stripping machine for large cables and designed for precise stripping of coaxial cables from approx. 1.0 mm to approx. 24.5 mm * (with head type 1) Outer-diameter and from Stripping lengths up to approx. 100.0 mm. * This covers an unprecedented scope of processing.

Optionally, a stripping head can be used with 4 knives (head type-2, stripping-diameter from about 1.0 to about 17.5 mm *), whose cutting edges are on one level for exact right-angled cut. With this head also sucoform and corrugated cables can be stripped cleanly and precisely.
* depending on cables

Innovations & Special features

  • linear adjustment of the blades and centering
  • fixed stop for exact stripping lengths
  • Precision positioning blades 0,01 mm
  • Movable sensor position
  • linear adjustment of clamping with controlled power
  • Precise clamping position by iris principle
  • Test mode: “Cable position” and “Cable Ø *
  • High processing speed
  • All processing parameters programmable
  • Production sequence programmable
  • Cable library, “endless” memory locations
  • simple, logical and self-explanatory menu
  • large touchscreen (capacitive)
  • colored simulation of the setting parameters
  • easy and fast blade change
  • Knife position adjustable
  • also reground knives usable
  • 4 USB +LAN (User-Interface); D-Sub 25; Robotics- Interface
  • Number of stripping steps 10 or as required
  • Direction of rotation, speed; Spiral movement of the head programmatically and reversibly
  • Connection for cleaning ejector (optional)
  • Cleaning nozzles; Duration and cycle adjustable
  • Soft clamping can be used
  • Triggered by stop, foot pedal or external trigger signal

Technical data

› Stripping length0 – 100,0 mm
› Stripping diameterCa. 1,0 – 24,5 bzw. 17,5 mm outer– Ø (depending on the cable)
› Blades

Head Typ-1: Flat blades

Head Typ-2: triangle blades

be-ri Coaxmachines

Striping – Ø



up to 9,0 mm

40 mm


1 – 24,5 mm

100,0 mm


up to 17 mm