MRFPS Splicing Applicator

The patented MRFPS – Splicing Applicator is conceived to handle a Continuous Copper Band which is fed, cut, formed and crimped around twoside wires in one press stroke.
The crimping result in terms of quality and reliability is simply outstanding. Beside wires, it is used to connectNeon Lamps, Led, Switches, Adaptors and so on. The Copper Band supplied by Mecal is available in three different widths, i.e. 2 mm, 4 mm,6 mm, and can be used to crimp from 0,06 mm2up to 6.6 mm2wire section.
As shown in the next page, the Mecal Splicing Applicator is sup-plied for nine different wire configurations. For those who need to crimp the full wire range, it might be of benefit to keep the main applicatorBody on the Press and change the Conversion Kit only. The Applicator Set Up is made quick and easy by the very effective engineering of thetool.
The Applicator feeding system is pneumatic and very easily adjustable whenever a different kit is fitted. The Continuous Adjusting Headwith 0.02 mm resolution as well as the activating valve are included in the standard configuration. The Splicing Applicator fits to almost anycrimping Press having a 135.8 mm shut heig.

Technical data

Crimp unit

› Crimp height135.8mm (5.346”)
› Stroke40mm (1.575”)
› Dimensions (W x H x D)79,5 x 145,5 x 15 mm
› Weight4,5 kg (9,99 lb)