Stripper Crimper WSC 25

Wirmec’s WSC25 stripping crimpers add a new model to the WirPress range. This machine was developed for the processing of closed and pre-insulated clamps.

  • The stripping head is derived from the WSC20 and guarantees a high crimping performance with very small connections and wire cross-sections with absolute precision.
  • The patented safety system of the gripper enables the crimping of single and multi-core cables with a very short length of up to 20 mm. The vertical movement of the gripper is electronic and programmable.
  • The settings of wire cross-section and tape length are visualized in an alphanumeric display.
  • The wiper module is provided by the integrated pneumatic suction for the applicator without it.
  • The machine is equipped with a currier strip guide for the applicators without cut Currierstreifen.
  • Vacuum system for scrap
  • Quick replacement of the strip knife
  • Workspace illuminated
  • Way back system
  • Double zero cut
  • Height adjustment of the stripper module
  • Setting the stripping speed
  • Quick replacement of the strip knife
Abisolier- & Crimpmaschine WSC 25

Crimping unit

> Crimping force20kN
> Wire cross-sectionMax. 6 mm² (AWG10)
> Manual regulation PMI134-136 mm
> Power supply1x230V / 50-60Hz
> Dimensions (W x H x D)450 x 750 x 520 mm
> Weight60 kg

Stripping module

> Cross-section0.08 -4 mm² (AWG28 -AWG11)
> Stripping length0-11 mm
> Zero cutLength: max. 8 mm, section max. 2.5 mm²
> Cable lengthMin. 20 mm
> Cycle time<1s
> Air supply5-6 bar