Pull-out force measuring device CMT 123 & 124

The motorized and digital pull-out measuring devices CMT 123 and 124 allow inspections of crimped conductors to determine the pull-out force according to DIN values. 

The take-off speed is adjustable. An automatic peak value storage with high repeat accuracy ensures easy operation of the devices. A universal recording of crimp contacts and a fast gripper system are used for fast measurement of the pull-out force. Integrated with an RS 232 interface, the determined values ​​can easily be transferred to a PC table.


Stretching force test

Optionally, it is possible to retrofit the two devices in such a way that a raster test for connectors in housings (pressure test) can be carried out.

Auszugsmesskraftgerät CMT 123 & 124

processing parameter

0 – 5.000 N (500 kg)
0 – 1.000 N (100 kg)
+/- 0,5 %
25 – 230 mm/min
200 mm

technical machine data

230 V, 50/60 Hz
400 x 250 x 1.320