The electro-pneumatic Beri.Co.Cut – V3 (version 3) is a high-precision cutting machine for shielding and plaiting cables and wires. In particular, the shields of high-voltage cables are clean, energy-saving and safely severed.

The new version 3 is a further development of the well-known Beri.Co.Cut. What is new is that the separation of the braid is pneumatic – no muscle power is required. The working area remains freely accessible for manual handling, such as spreading the braid and positioning the cutting tube. All machine tools can be changed in seconds without assembly tools.

The working principle of the device prevented by design, any violation of underlying layers of the braid (such as dielectric, other shields, inner conductors, etc.) and the use of adapted to the respective cable tools allows the separation process within seconds.

The Beri.Co.Cut – V3 is designed as standard for processing cables with a diameter of approx. 4.0 to 23.0 mm (cable-dependent) and braid lengths of up to 100 mm (or up to approx. 450 mm, cable-dependent). Special dimensions are possible on request.


Technical data

› Cable diameterca. 4,0-23, 0 mm (depending on cable)
› Cable lenght100,0 mm (Standard); up to ca. 450,0 mm possible
› Dimensions (W x D x H)ca. 410,0 x 760,0 (baseplate) x 355,0
› Weightca. 39,0 kg (without accessories)
› Air pressureISO 8573-1
› Operating pressure6-10 bar
› Voltage/ frequency85-264VAC / 47-63Hz

Advantages and novelties of the Beri.Co.Cut- V3


  • Efficient working thanks to pneumatic support Freely accessible working area
  • Triggering of the separation process by integrated button in the handle
  • safe cutting of shields and braids, in particular of coaxial lines no assembly tools for changing the tools required
  • the feeding of the line, the pushing back of the braid and the separation process are clearly visible to the operating person
  • the dimensioning of the device is sufficient for all known applications
  • Damage to the insulation layer below the mesh is not possible due to the design
  • also braids over non-round lines, such. Litz wires or similar be safely separated
  • the cut edges are exact and clean
  • robust, industrial design


  • to support the work process can be intervened by hand in the work area
  • integrated fixed stop against cable end for setting the shortening lengths (standard) for partial extraction stop against outer sheath possible (optional)


  • Extremely low tooling costs thanks to the unique Beri.Co.Cut cutting principle
  • Positioning of the braid and cutting function realized in only one tool
  • no separate cutting blades required


  • no restriction of safety aspects compared to completely closed systems
  • Compliance with the EU Machinery Directive
  • the workspace is completely visible


  • careful processing through partially automated machining processes
  • easy movement of the cutting block through optimal storage and guidance