Fully automatic crimping machine AM 400

Due to high quality and flexibility, packed in a simple programmable machine, the AM 400 allows to realize every requirement of the customer. Developed on a compact and simple basis, it is possible to install up to 5 stations. The equipment is available for crimping machines, tinning stations, seal stations, plastic housing postpone, as well as the possibility to perform double stops. The direct connection of an inkjet printer or hot stamping device is available.

The open access to the individual stations allows a quick change of the tools in the crimping machines via a quick clamping system.

Thanks to a strong servo motor, it is possible to achieve a speed of cable transport without damaging the cable. Optionally, roller drive or belt drive is available here. The acceleration ramp, deceleration ramp and speed with length measurement are managed by the main controller and an encoder. The basic unit is delivered with two crimping machines with crimp force monitoring.

The AM 400 is very simple, making the operation pleasant to learn. The new guard system guarantees a very easy access to the machine to make service or adjustments.

Crimpvollautomat AM 300_groß

Processing parameters

0,13 mm² – 4 mm²
42 mm, crimp one site
55 mm, crimp both sites
30 mm (optional)
0,1 mm – 15 mm site 1
0,1 mm – 30 mm site 1 (optional)
0,1 mm – 15 mm site 2
0,1 mm – 30 mm site 2 (optional)
8 m/s

Technical machine data

400 V / 50 – 60 Hz 5 kVA
6 – 7 bar
L:3.800 W:1.400 H:2.000
1.100 kg
< 75 db