FAKRA Sleeve

Compared with the standard machine, this PSCM107C has been modified to allow a stripping length of 14.5mm which is achieved by dividing the scrap of the insulation into two equal parts.

It operates exclusively in line with the crimping axis and the controlpanel has a number of functions dedicated to the type of application.

The machine can be set to remove the scraps or leave an insulating containment ring from 1 to 3 mm at the end of the wire.

This is necessary when the processed wire is returned to a special container and the next step is not immediately done. The insulating ring contains the strands of the metal sleeve, thereby enabling that it does not warp during storage.

The clamp unit was designed to obtain greater clamp strength and axial alignment of the wire. The stripping blades with the incision profile dedicated to the type of coaxial wire. The press also includes the TT1000 Crimp Force Analyzer

FAKRA Sleeve

Technical data

› Air pressure5-7 bar
› Power0.55KW (0.75PS) monophase
› Power supply220V 50~60Hz
› Dimensions (W x H x D)380 x 880 x 460 mm
› Weight100 kg (220 lb)
› Cycle timeCa 3,4 s
› max. strip length16 mm (0,63“)