MRF & MRS Restyling

The crimping tool MRF Restyling can be used for strapped longitudinal contacts, the MRS Evolution for strapped cross contacts; each with a material thickness of 0.6 mm.

This new generation of crimping tools consists of a cast body, a simple system for the replacement of wearing parts and an understandable handling of the various settings.

Both tools are equipped with a mechanical 7-digit counter, which can not be reset. With the 2 existing cams, the user can choose between manual or automatic mode and to adjust the crimp height, the tools have a continuously adjustable micrometer system.

Both the MEF and the MES are supplied with a user manual consisting of a protocol with information on the crimp height, exploded view, spare parts and description of the tool.

MRF & MRS Restyling_groß

Processing parameters

135,8 mm
40/30 mm
< 27 mm
< 1,2 mm
max 10 mm²
MRF: 4 kg
MRS: 3,9 kg

Technical machine data

L:196,5 W:72 H:145,5
L:105 W:144 H:145,5
Micrometer adjustment with 0,01 mm step
attitude 2,7 mm