Stripper Crimper WSC 20

Model WSC 20 is a freely programmable stripping and crimping machine. Data entry is via a touch screen monitor on the machine. The software works with a PC based on Windows XP. The individual programs can be stored in unlimited numbers with all parameters.

The use of commercial quick-change tools of different manufacturers is possible without changing the tool. The stripping blades are symmetrical to each other and can perform a zero-cut function via the software.

Optionally it is possible to obtain an electric crimp height adjustment. Stripping residues are automatically extracted and can be collected in a waste container. (The rest container is not included). All error messages are automatically saved via the built-in PC.

Abisolier- & Crimpmaschine WSC 20

Processing parameters

20 kN
0,08 mm² – 4 mm² (AWG 28 – 11)
0 – 11 mm (optional to 16 mm)
0,8 Sek

Technical machine data

L:680 B:730 H:460
70 kg
230 V / 50 – 60 Hz
5 – 6 bar
to 2 mm and max. cross-section 2,5 mm²


› Electric crimping height adjustment
› Crimp force monitoring
› Cut module for bad crimp in connection with crimp force monitoring
› Contact carrier cutter
› Remote maintenance
› Worktable (L/W:1200 mm × 750 mm H:830 – 1230 mm, weight max. 150 kg)