The universally applicable pneumatic labelling unit, Pmg.Multi.Colour, has been developed for double-sided printing of coloured text, ring and bar codes on cables, single strands and tubes.

The use of recycling material for sheathing of cables and single strands results in a decrease in colour inten-sity. Purely white cables, for example, are hardly available these days. Instead of using different col-oured cables, monochromatic ones which have been printed with coloured labelling can often be used.

This leads, among other things, to a reduction in stock levels required, resulting in lower warehousing ex-penses. With this trend in mind, Rittmeyer has devel-oped the new pneumatic colour printer Pmg.Multi.Colour.

Advantages and special features

  • replaceable cartridge system
  • monitoring of foils(optional)
  • pre-heating time approx. 6 min.
  • single and double-sided printing possible
  • very short printing times (from 0.2 sec.) possible
  • very short resetting time (one minute)
  • quick exchange of foils and colours
  • cartridges are replaceable without exchange or removal of cables
  • in production-line with stripping- or cutting-machines possible
  • printing blocks can be adjusted individually
  • labelling with circular, bar and text codes possible
  • labelling of cables with coloured text, ring or bar codes reduces the need to stock cables in a variety of colours
  • reduced warehousing expenses because of lower de-mands on administration and storage space
  • more favourable conditions of purchase
  • cables, tubes etc. can be inserted from the front
  • clear marking indicates foil positioning
  • set-up mode
  • less cable waste
  • pneumatic transport of foils, adjustable for 1 to 16 mm

Technical data

› Operating pressur2-6 bar
› Printing dimensionsmax. approx. 80 mm
› Wire-øup to 10 mm (bigger ø on request)
› Printing time0 – 2,0 sec.
› Printing pressuretop / bottom each 120 Newton at 6 bar
› Auxiliary heatinglaid out for 2 x 300 W
› Printing temperature80° – 180°
› Resetting timeapprox. 1 minutes
› Pre-heating timeapprox. 6 minutes
› Manual triggerfor set-up operation

Technical data

  • two replaceable cartridges with a capacity of up to four foils (depending on foil width)
  • 2 printing block mounts
  • 2 heating elements of 250 W and 24V each
  • 8 braking units (with integrated mounts and guides for foils as well as turning, winding, unwinding and brak ing functions)
  • forward feed of foils adjustable from 1 to 16 mm
  • one roll for opposed bearing with pneumatic fee