The MSK109-(XX)J equipment (whereXXrepresents the number of terminal ways) is used to process multipolar wires with TE Micro-MaTch with 4 to 24 way connectors.

The standard configuration is 2500 connectors wrapped around a reel measuring 600mm in diameter. This product is a semi-automatic bench-top machine and can be personalized between one connector and the other by using a transformation kit that does not require adjustments.


  • Regulation of the connector lid closure with a standard STD Mecal head
  • Closure speed of the connector can be adjusted with a specific regulator
  • Positioning the connector on the axis of insertion of the adjustment wire by a fibre optics sensor
  • Wire presence/positioning sensors on the connector
  • Bimanual control to start up the cycle
  • Automatic machine stop at reel end with lighted display

Technical data

› Air pressure5-7 bar
› Air consumption0.78 dm³/min x work cycle
› Cable sectionMultipolar flat cable 4 -24 pole
› Wire insertionElectro-pneumatic
› Dimensions (W x H x D)400 x 145,5 x 135 mm
› Weight35 / 38Kg
› Cycle startBy cable sensors
› Cycle endBimanual control