Compared to the standard machine, this PSCM107C has been modified to enable operation in combination with the SCR20 unit.

It operates exclusively in line with the crimping axis and the control panel includes a number of functions dedicated to this type of application. The PSCM intervenes to perform the end machining of the wire (ZERO CUT) and the stripping of the dielectric.

It is possible to exclude parts of operation or completely exclude the SCR20 unit. As a result, it can be adapted as a standard machine for other types of applications. The clamp unit was designed to achieve greater clamp strength and axial alignment of the wire. The press also includes the TT1000 Crimp Force Analyzer.


Technische Daten

› Air pressure5-7 bar
› Power0.55KW (0.75PS) monophase
› Power supply220V 50~60Hz
› Dimensions (W x H x D)840 x 880 x 460 mm
› Weight100 kg (220 lb)
› Cycle timeCa 9,3 s
› max. strip lenght12mm (0,47″)