Electro Crimper EC 65

The EC 65 presses crimp contacts of various designs, eg. Insulated cable lugs up to 6 mm², tube and crimp lugs up to 10 mm², flat receptacles up to 6 mm² and wire end ferrules up to 50 mm².

Thanks to its compact design, it is suitable for use in workshops as well as in complex cable assembly systems. The Electro Crimper can be used in two different modes; Either the crimp contact is pressed by triggering the footswitch.

Or the user is allowed by triggering the foot switch to first fix the contact in the die and insert the head. Only by pressing the foot switch again is the crimp contact pressed.

In order to avoid damage to the tools or crimp fails, which can be caused by incorrectly inserted contacts, the onset of the full pressing force is adjustable.

By simply pressing a button, the opening travel of the crimping dies can be changed. For exact crimping, for example of rolling contacts, a displaceable locator can be mounted, which positions the contacts just under the crimping die.

There are numerous standard crimping dies available and special dies are also possible on customer request.

Electro Crimper EC 65

Processing parameters

10 kN
1 s
6-digit LCD display
Locator for positioning the crimp contacts

Technical machine data

230 V, 50 Hz (120 V, 60 Hz)
160 VA
L:320 W:140 H:220
10 kg
1,2 kg