Cutting & stripping machine SSC6000

The SSC6000 is an automatic, electronic cutting and stripping machine capable of handling single and multi-core cables from 5 mm to 35 mm outside diameter.

All movements of the assemblies such as the feed unit and the cutting unit are controlled by powerful brushless motors, which always confirm a perfect and constant cycle – even if the cable has to be machined with a considerable outside diameter or difficult insulations.

The cable movement takes place via belt drive. Without connection of a ring winder, the length measurement takes place via an internal measuring system / brushless motor.

When connecting a ring winder, an additional encoder is required. All necessary parameters, such. B. Stripping length, cable length, cable cross-section, etc. are entered via a touchscreen control panel.


Machine parameters

› Progr. overall length120 mm – 99 m
› Tolerance0,2 %
› Cutting length site 2output side, max. 300 mm
› Cutting length site 1input side, freely programmable in multi-step function (length depends on cable)
› Full stripOutput side possible
Input side not possible
› Program memoryunlimited on PC (depending on PC memory)
› Cable feed rateup to max. 3.000 mm/s (depending on cable & processing)

Processing parameters

braid, multi-core cable
4,0 – 240 mm²
min. 5 – max. 35 mm
PVC, teflon, silicone, etc.

Technical data

380 V 3 phase ± 5 % – 50/60 Hz
5 – 8 bar (51 – 116 PSI)
1,5 NI/cycle – 6 bar
L:1.400 W:1.100 H:1.550